Wario is the odd brother who never found his parents, and, as a result, is a complete jerk. He steals, lies, and cheats to get his way. He is a greedy good-for-nothing. Standard A: Wario throws a punch Hold A: Wario throws a series of fast punches Repeated, separate presses of A: Wario delivers two nasty haymakers, and finishes with an explosive fart to the opponent's face. Side A: Wario does a stronger punch. Up A: Wario performs a nasty uppercut Down A: Wario punches out with both arms to the sides. Side Smash: Wario performs a very strong punch Up Smash: Wario swings his fist in a vertical cut through the air Down Smash: Wario punches out with both arms to the sides. Standard B: Wario chomps his teeth at anything in sight, eating food and healing items for increased effect, and setting off traps and explosives, as well as grabbing the opponent, who can then be sat on. Side B: Wario Bike Up B: Vertical Spinning Top Leaping Punch Down B: A charged fart that can send Wario high into the air.