Mario is the iconic plumber of Nintendo, a victim of ASPD and a womanizer. But hey, that's JUST a theory! Never mind. Anyway, here are his specials and crush moves, etc.

Neutral A: Mario does a jaw-rattling punch that can be comboed into several more punches.

Side A: Mario performs a devastating drop kick that can be a sliding kick when running at the opponent.

Up A: Mario does an uppercut. Nuff said.

Down A: Mario does a quick ground-pound. This is the strongest of his basic attacks.

Neutral B: Mario throws a fireball at his opponent that can be charged for greater distance and damage.

Side B: Mario flashes his signature yellow cape, which turns enemies backwards and can reflect projectiles.

Up B: Mario does his signature bouncing uppercut and somehow manages to procure coins from his enemy EVERY time.

Down B: No longer will F.L.U.D.D. be mistreated and enslaved by the lousy plumber! He actually has his own page. Instead, Mario does a stronger Ground Pound.

Side Crush: Mario creates a devastating explosion with his bare hands. Impressive.

Up Crush. Mario jumps and headbutts his enemies.

Down Crush: Mario ground pounds with slightly more effect.